Frequently Asked Questions


Necklace Lengths:

What length of necklace/choker do I need?
We offer a variety of lengths for different looks and for layering. chokers, are offered in 15”,17”,19”, and 21’’ to fit a variety of neck sizes.
Our long necklaces/wrist wraps are available in 36”,38”, and 42” to fit a variety of neck and wrist sizes.
     • Choose a 36” if you have an average wrist size of 6¾” to about 7” or if you prefer an 18” double-wrapped choker.
     • Choose a 38” if you have a wrist smaller than 6½” or larger than 7½” this will allow the necklace to wrap correctly around your wrist.
     • Choose a 42” if you have a wrist that is smaller than 6¾ - 7’’ or larger than 8” or if you prefer a 21” double-wrapped choker.



What materials do you use in your products?
We use freshwater pearls, sterling silver, lead and nickel free pewter, Austrian crystal, Czech fire polished crystals, and natural gemstones.
The cording we use is high strength and waterproof nylon cording, so they are durable and strong.




Each handmade necklaces is finished with a distinctive antique button to make each piece one of a kind.





The buttons, a unique and special part of the piece, are found from collectors






Many of them have special meanings and origins dated and noted by the collector


Contact Info:

How can I get ahold of you?
email:  OR
See "Contact " on this website
Also, visit our additional website at


Wholesale Possibilities:

Can I become a wholesale dealer for your jewelry?
Yes, we do offer wholesale opportunities. We have a package specifically created for those interested in carrying our line of LeGrande Jewelry in retail stores. Just email Kristie with information about your store, and she’ll send you a wholesale package with catalog, pricing sheet, and line sheet.

Wholesale Order Forms:

How do I order from your wholesale package?
Simply fill out the form provided with the corresponding item number found on each page in the catalog provided. Let us know the quantity of each necklace you desire and the lengths you’d like to receive them in. Order forms can be returned via email or us postal service. We ask if you use the us postal service to please send a follow up email as well so that we may keep track of our orders electronically.




Do you offer any way for me to view all your necklaces specifically for wholesale?
Yes, we can send an extensive and detailed catalog with each of our necklaces photographed from several perspectives and itemized and
numbered for your convenience.